~ The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud ~

This ageless Buddhist proverb chooses a rather unique flower to describe the relentless human spirit. And rightly so. He who refuses to surrender to the status quo, whose vision isn’t clouded by the opinions of others and who refuses to be shackled by the constraints of his environment, shall rise high above the rest to speak his truth.

Herein lies the seed of the BODHISATTVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (BIFF). For both the lotus and filmmakers are born out of the desire to not accept their surroundings and bloom radiantly for the world to see. After the phenomenal success of the first edition in 2016 (Kala and Film Mahotsav), BIFF 2017 is here again to provide a platform for the best filmmakers of this generation to share their art, learn from each other, and showcase their unique stories. So come join us on this journey and see a Bodhisattva’s vision, changing the world for better, one frame at a time.

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BIFF Brand Film

BIFF Signature Film

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  • More than 100 movies to be screened
  • Chance to meet Eminent Film makers,Actors,Actresses and different dignitaries from around the world
  • Witness the Biggest Film Award Ceremony in the History of Bihar
  • Master classes for Film enthusiasts by eminent film personalities
  • Gala Fashion Show with NIFT showcasing traditional and contemporary wear. Grand Finale of Folk Dance, Essay and Painting after statewide selections.